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Jetstar International Cabin Crew

Posted By: scouse81

Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2013

Remuneration: Best Offer

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Our customers mean the world to us. We’re looking for customer service professionals who genuinely care to join our amazing team. With your passion, positivity and commitment to safety you will help us make travel enjoyable for our customers.

Our Cabin Crew are selected for their warm and friendly personalities, exceptional teamwork skills and initiative. We are looking for Cabin Crew who are enthusiastic and energetic no matter what time of the day, what time of year! At Jetstar, we enjoy good times, we enjoy play, we enjoy the travel lifestyle, we enjoy life for all its worth.

If you’d like the opportunity to become part of our team, we would love to meet you at our recruitment day! Applications include a walk-in interview on 19th April 2013, candidates must be available for a 2nd round of interview on 20th April if successful.

Successful applicants will be offered:
• A competitive salary
• A career in aviation within a growing international airline
• The opportunity to make new friends, have fun and enjoy job satisfaction
• Generous travel benefits and the opportunity to fly away on your days off

Minimum requirements are:
• Singapore national or Permanent resident (We regret that we are currently unable to accept applications from S-Pass holders)
• GCE ‘O’ Level and above
• Able to swim at least 50 metres non-stop and tread water
• Proficiency in written and spoken English language
• Japanese speakers sought for Australian-Japan services
• Valid passport with at least 24 months validity (photocopy required)
• Personal e-mail address

Note: Male applicants must have completed national service

The following original documents (and one photocopy of each) must be presented at the time of the application:
• Identification card
• Passport
• Highest level of educational qualification
• One recent photo

If you meet the minimum requirements and want a career in the clouds please come along to our walk-in interviews on Friday 19th April 2013.

Regent Hotel, 1 Cuscaden Road, Singapore, 249715

When: 19th April 2013
Time: 09:00-16:30

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He had loan sharks after him.

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❰❰ Quote:
Note it says “for misappropriating S$88,000 belonging to his client, which had been entrusted to him”.

If “the client” was you or me, I seriously doubt they would get an Interpol red notice. So, who was this client… that is the real question!

Must’ve been someone pretty powerful and important, but if that’s the case I doubt $88,000 would have meant much. Probably would have been peanuts.

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Update - 25th September :
I completed a 2 hours long "community sharing session" aka CSS on the 20th. They are held in CCs all over the island - you are eligible to attend the events within your area. They divided us up into 6 groups of approximately 10 people, give or take a few (I didn't count). After registration, there was a buffet style dinner.

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