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Fashion/fine jewellery designers & fashion/clothes designers

Posted By: TonyNL

Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2012

Budget: -


We are looking for fashion/fine jewellery and fashion/clothes designers to work with, for E-commerce website. Potential partner needs to be passionate about jewellery design/making or clothes design/tailoring.

Interested parties, please email [email protected] with details about yourself / CV, including age, gender, skills and working experiences (if any).

Thank you.

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Re: Europe retirement visas

You’ve got some time, but you’ll be surprised how quickly college age comes.

My kids might both be starting college this fall. My wife is thinking of having my son take a high school exemption exam and skip the last two years - go straight into junior college (community college) in the U.S. He will probably have better options as a transfer student in California than trying to get in as a high school graduate (acceptance rates are more than double). After what our daughter went through, it should also be less stressful.

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Re: Pr Application chances for who living in jb

❰❰ Quote:
Actually I’m surprised you could submit the application in the first place, since ICA stated that it is mandatory to have a local address to apply for PR.

Husband not in sg is not a problem. My colleague had been renting a room in sg (local address solved) and going back to husband in Malaysia every weekend. Eventually they both got their PR, without the husband ever stay in sg

Understand that you may want to save on rent and/or stay with husband everyday. But to get PR, some sacrifices need to be made.

May I know where can I find the local address is mandatory because I have checked all faq on ica website but I couldn’t find it :roll:

Secondly we can sacrifice but real reason is not want to save on rent. My husband is Greek and he stay with me in Malaysia with spouse pass. If Malaysia immigration do surprise check and find out we are not living together he can lose his spouse pass #-o

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Re: Lose driver's license

❰❰ Quote:
First things first, report the loss to the relevant authorities and your bank. Then, consider applying for a replacement license as soon as possible. As for advice, reach out to the licensing agency for guidance on the conversion process given your situation. And, uh, if you need any help with navigating the bureaucracy, I'm here.

If you're "here" why does your IP address resolve to the Netherlands?

Posted in Drivers Licence

Re: Sinha

Your chance is 5-20%. If you are Chinese, multiply by 5.

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Re: PR wanna be, would be or will never be. Read this

❰❰ Quote:
Hi everyone,

I'm currently preparing to apply for Singapore PR (after multiple failed attempts) would love to leverage the valuable knowledge within this community.

I've been working in Singapore (in IT secotr) since April 2012, but I briefly relocated for a job opportunity in the UAE last year (February 2nd, 2023). After careful consideration, I decided to return to Singapore in August 2023 and successfully renewed my EP on the 2nd of August.

My question is: Considering my recent return and 6-month absence, would I still be eligible for Singapore PR based on the ICA's criteria?

Additionally, my company recently went through an acquisition, resulting in a new 2-year EP valid until April 2026. When applying for PR, can I use the latest 6-month salary certificate from my new employer, or should I wait for a longer tenure with them?

Any insights or advice from those who have navigated the PR process would .....

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