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Colnago Bicycles For Sale

Posted By: Edtan

Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2012

Price: -


Colnago Bicycles For Sale

I am the appointed Rodalink-Colnago Ambassador representing Colnago Bicycle from Entry Level bike to Top End C59 Italia electronic and traditional bike.

If you're looking for a bike that will provide you a lasting impression, extremely agile, yet strong and responsive, Colnago is the bike built for you ensuring the ride beyond comparison.

Over at Rodalink we can provide you guideline to correct size, bike configuration to maximise your potential ride capability, so that your enthusiasm makes you want to cycle more.

If you have been cycling for many years, you may want to consider our top end C59 Italia ultimate bike, made of carbon fibre racing machine weighing approximately 1000gm from Italy, these are precision hand made, lugged joint for ride comfort, not sacrificing handling, quality bike ride, whether its electronic Di2 /EPS or traditional component the performance and reliablity are identical no matter which one you choose.

To find out more on Colnago Bike, do visit us at Rodalink Thomson or at our 4 other branches all over Singapore to meet your convenience for looking at our top end bike.

Your hunt for a new bike Stops here!

You can call or sms me so that I can meet you at Thomson Branch.

Contact Details:

Eddie Tan
hp: 9845 6121
email: [email protected]

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Re: Expat forum " seem dead ? "

Tiktok is absolute see everyone making quick content for the sake of drawing attention.

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Re: Expat forum " seem dead ? "

The GenZs are using IG and Tiktok. Some are on reddit. Many of them use Discord. It is very rare for them to use forums and FB. I am GenX. I can see the allure of short videos (tiktok, reels). They are addicting but they are a time waster and not really a source of useful information.

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Re: Chances of PR in 2024

Several things are against you (race, nationality, industry) but I have heard of people who are not from the majority race approved for PR after multiple rejected applications. So your chances are low but not zero so you can keep applying.

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Chances of PR in 2024

Hi All,

We have recently been considering reapplying for permanent residency (PR) and are seeking some feedback on our chances.


I am a 45-year-old male, and my wife is 41 years old. We are Indian nationals with a 12-year-old daughter.

I have been employed with a US-based bank as a Senior Product Manager for the past 12 years in Singapore, with a salary of approximately $185,000. I hold a Master's degree along with several professional qualifications.

My wife is a homemaker but has been actively associated with an NGO for the last 9 years.

Our daughter is currently attending a local school and is preparing for the PSLE. She is excelling academically, having won several Olympiad exams, and she holds the position of head girl at her school.

We have previously applied for PR on multiple occasions , with our last application being rejected in October 2021.

Thank you for your assistance and insights.


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Thanks Max. As I said, Chemistry is not my strong suite. Thanks for the note on the n/l error. I had the principle correct but the element was off!

Also what I forgot to note was the fact that some would return into solution (but the bloated can will remain as the resultant creases with not allow it to return to it's original shape and yep. sure to get a shower so always point the tab away from you when pulling it up to open it.

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