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General Manager

Posted By: ShirazFNB

Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2012

Remuneration: $10,000.00

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General Manger/Head of Operations

Company:Shiraz FNB Pte Ltd
Main Function:Operation and Control of the F&B Dept
Office Location:Head Office Clarke Quay

-Must have sound knowledge and proven competencies in managing fine dining as well as fast food & beverage business operations for revenue growth,purchasing and inventory efficiency, optimising gross margins,budgetary cost and internal controls,increasing productivity of capital & human assets and operating profitability.
-Must have refined skills in leadership and integration,oral & written communications,supplier & public relations
-Must have proficiency in Windows Word,Excel,Outlook and Powerpoint.
-Additional:Wine Knowledge,Stock Control System and POS System.
-Basic proficiency in legal and HR issues with regard to hospitality industry.
-At least ten years in F&B Dept in addition to Management School with at least five years in a Management position.

-High School Diploma Required or equivalent
-College degree preferred
-Proof of eligibility to work in Singapore
-Medically Fit and no Police record
-35 years of age
-Presents a professional,neat and well-groomed appearance

-Sense of Accountability
-People Development Orientation
-Synergy in relationships
-Good Judgement and Proactivenes
-Integrity & Dependability

-All food and beverage outlet,central kitchen,storage and office fascilities

-Disciplinary procedures
-Maintaining standards
-Innovating standards

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Re: Europe retirement visas

Thanks for keeping my thread alive :)

I did a lot of research about several countries. In the end, I decided that to take the approach of go with the flow of money. Since there is no right or wrong country. You can be in the best country and still be in the bad situation over there or you can be in the worst country and be the good situation there. So everyone gets different set of circumstances, opportunities, problems etc and there is no way to compare countries and plan a move.

I never ever planned or imagined that I will end up in Singapore. But this happened and it has worked for me. There will always be something which I didn't achieve, but it is better to focus on what I achieved than what I didn't achieve.

So the plan is to just go with the flow and stay here as long as it makes sense. The main thing is my networth is growing and in the end, money matters a lot more than residency or location.

Regarding my daughter I will just take things as they come. There is still a .....

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Re: Pr Application chances for who living in jb

Actually I’m surprised you could submit the application in the first place, since ICA stated that it is mandatory to have a local address to apply for PR.

Husband not in sg is not a problem. My colleague had been renting a room in sg (local address solved) and going back to husband in Malaysia every weekend. Eventually they both got their PR, without the husband ever stay in sg

Understand that you may want to save on rent and/or stay with husband everyday. But to get PR, some sacrifices need to be made.

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Re: Sinha

Not enough data.

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Re: Pr Application chances for who living in jb

[mention] ](*,) [/mention]The answer is in the title of the acronym PR. It stands for PERMANENT RESIDENCE. If you are NOT resident in Singapore then no PR.

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Checking similar PR background success stories

Malaysian male
23 years old
Applied for pr after working for 6 months

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