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Used Baby Pillow Or Bolster

Posted By: strikeforcez

Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2010

Budget: Best Offer

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Looking for preloved baby pillow or bolster. Don't care about the condition. Kindly email me the pictures @ [email protected] or sms/mms me @ 91694247 thanks. Any question do drop an sms.

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Re: PR approved after 8 Months

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I'd say you left out your most important detail, which is that you got married to a singaporean.

Replying to old post, but yeah, looks like OP wants to feel he got pr on his own \:D/

Well, it sure looks like it to me. After all, he used his own equipment, I'm guessing, to snare a local gal to marry. Therefore it was his own abilities that got him what he needed. :cool:

Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

Re: PR Chances Advice

I concur with MOCHS, but at the same time, I think with your pedigree, I'd apply now and take a chance. You tick all the boxes, especially with ethnicity, local law degree and a good founding with a high end law firm, I believe you have enough to jump the gun a bit. (It's worth the gamble in my estimation). Good luck if you decide to try it.

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Re: LTVP credit card application always denied

Another point of contention would be the type of pass you are holding. LTVP means if your sponsor loses their EP, you also lose your LOC. No matter how much you make, you are not in control and you could find yourself in a bind should your sponsor lose their job as both would be jobless. (unless the rules for LTVP have changed you are working with a Letter Of Consent (LOC) correct?

Posted in Credit Card & Banking in Singapore

Re: Termites and Treatment - Responsibility/Landlord issues

Quotations? Or request written findings solutions before committing.

Posted in Property Talk, Housing & Rental

Re: Small yacht chartering business

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SE, am I understanding you correctly? Are you saying that you can sail a yacht around Singapore without a captain's license, but that you do need one if you want sail your yacht with pax aboard?

Max, every operator of any kind of boat in Singapore (including jet skis) must have, at a minimum, a "Powered Pleasure Craft Driving Licence (PPCDL)" or a APPCDL (Advanced) to captain boats that are longer than 24 metres. Therefore, even if it is only you in the boat you must have a license.

Every boat that is used in Singapore, regardless of power or sail, must be registered as a private pleasure craft (SZ) or a commercial pleasure craft (SZH).

Commercial pleasure craft may not charge for individual paying passengers. Instead, the entire boat must be rented. If you have a PPCDL and the charter company allows it, you can pilot your rented charter boat, otherwise, the charter company will force you to use one of .....

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