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Waste Water Treatment Jobs Singapore

Posted By: mcashley

Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2009

Remuneration: Best Offer

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Thank you for posting your CV. We are keen to know more about you and wish to qualify you for this opening. Please thoroughly read the job specifications and requirements below. Do you have the experience and expertise for this position?
Senior Design Engineer (Membrane Treatment Plants)
� Carry out design of micro-filtration, ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis membrane systems for the treatment and reclamation of municipal wastewater, brackish water and seawater, including pre-treatment, CIP and instrumentation systems.
� Liaise with suppliers and subcontractors for quotations for various plants and equipment for the above systems.
� Develop and prepare detailed proposals for the above systems including process write-ups, P&IDs and layout drawings.
� Attend to queries and clarifications from and presentation of proposals to clients.
� Degree in Chemical, Process or Environmental Engineering with at least 5 years experience in the design of membrane water treatment plants
� Must be able to read engineering drawings (ACAD) & P&ID, computer literate and familiar with Microsoft programs and its software.
� Possess good analytical skills.
� Able to work effectively in a multidisciplinary environment
� Good leadership and communication skill to manage and liaise with client, subordinates, team mates, consultants, contractors, suppliers and government agencies
� Willing to travel for short periods.
Remuneration will commensurate with experience & qualifications
Do you have any waste or water treatment engineering experience? If YES, (in your CV) please provide us with a brief summary of your waste or water treatment experiences. Kindly indicate your current salary plus provide us with 2 references (email & mobile) & your photo.
Only candidates with the relevant water treatment (design, membrane treatment plants) experience & qualifications will be considered. Regards,
Executive Search Manager
Mac Ashley Singapore
Professional Head Hunters
Email: [email protected]

Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, India, China, UAE, UK, Australia, USA

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